Metal Enclosures & Cabinetry

Manufacturing versatility and metal DNA is essential when it involves Metal Enclosures and Cabinetry.  Ferguson Perforating works with companies to design metal enclosures for a specific application.

We ensure accurate perforation hole size, spacing and product reliability before production begins for metal enclosures.

Meticulously maintained CNC equipment and Computerized Sectional Presses offer low-cost tooling in response to short-runs and prototyping for metal enclosures and cabinetry.

Our presses handle widths to 60″ and capacities to 450 tons to handle all of your metal enclosure needs.

Ferguson Perforating specializes in perforating “special,” non-rectangular shapes, including omits within a pattern and carefully positioned pilot holes for metal enclosures and other products.

Ferguson Perforating offers some of the tightest tolerances on leveled and sheared panels or sheets. Consistent, superior hole quality; accurate positioning of patterns, and superior surface condition are what Ferguson offers every time.