Advantages of Perforated Metal

While there are many different ways to perforate metal, nothing surpasses the dedicated perforating process that provides the most economical high quality result. Modern high-speed CNC presses can produce holes as fast as 1,000,000 per minute.  Our presses can be programmed with your exact requirements to provide unique perforated metal or perforated plastic solutions.  More importantly, we are able to create perforated patterns with predetermined blank areas, special margins, vary the spacing of the holes and place locator holes, all of this to extremely tight tolerances.

We have the flexibility to manufacture perforated metal and other perforated materials, in thicknesses from foil to thick plate. We supply perforated sheets with sizes up to 60″ wide, and perforated coils up to 20,000 lbs., efficiently rewound.  Tooling is available for a variety of hole patterns, from round holes, square holes, rectangles and triangles, to slots with a width down to 1/64″.

To be able to address all your perforating requirements, specialized leveling processes are required.  We have designed in-house leveling processes to remove the perforating process distortions, burrs, and oil canning problems that the perforating causes. This is an essential operation to achieve tight tolerances in any punching process and to guarantee a quality finished perforated part.

Secondary operations such as cutting, bending, welding, painting and plating, fabricating a finished part, make your perforating expert the ideal partner for a one stop solution for your perforating needs.